Welcome to Arctic Manager!

Arctic Manager is the sucessor to Polar Request Manager. It is a subscription based system designed to make icon request management super easy for designers. Quit using the old traditional method of receiving emails from your users, making you sort through hundreds of potentially duplicate requests a day. Let Arctic keep track of all your icon requests, and manage them for you like a to-do list!

Your Apps

See all of your owned icon packs right when you login.

Apps List

Request Management

See all requests you have received, allowing you to mark them as "completed", "implemented", or hide them altogether.

Request Management

Junk Filtering

Arctic allows you to priorize your icon requests with a display of how many users have requested an icon. This represents the number of unique users that have requested them! In addition, requests of icons for questionable apps, such as Lucky Patcher, are totally blocked!


Assign other Arctic Manager users to your icon packs so you can see and manage requests as a team.

Team Collaboration

XML Assets

Allow Arctic to automatically generate your appfilters (along with appmap.xml and theme_resources.xml) based on completed requests.

AppFilter Generation

Activity Dictionary

Search the crowd-sourced database of activity component infos.

Activity Dictionary


Arctic is supported out-of-the-box in Blueprint. Want to implement it in your own dashboard? Checkout the Arctic Icon Request library on GitHub!